Furniture Care

MAC Motion Furniture Care begins with the type of cover located on your motion chair and ottoman. MAC only uses the highest quality of covers to include microfibers, polyurethanes and leathers. Careful attention to the cleaning code must be maintained and in the materials of microfibers and polyurethane, cleaning code W applies. This code requires mild soap and water only. Leather products are not of man made substance, therefore the cleaning and preservation of leather requires formulated cleaners designed for real hides. Leather cleaner and preservations should be purchased at your nearest furniture dealer or home furnishings specialist.

Short About Us

With over 35 years of experience in the Home Furnishings Industry and several successful motion seating inventions, Mac Motion Chairs ensures quality comfort and style. With a focus on providing an innovative seating experience to North America, Mac creates European inspired designs. This is the reason that the industry still considers MAC Motion as “The Future of Motion.”


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